The Team

Johan Pahlberg, PhD, Group Leader


 I did my PhD at the University of Helsinki with Prof. Kristian Donner. During my graduate work I studied the spectral tuning and the relation between spectral and thermal properties of visual pigments.  My work demonstrated that truly adaptive evolution can be involved in tuning the visual pigment for optimal performance in a model species. I gained expertise in electroretinogram recordings, microspectrphotometry, PCR, RT-PCR and in situ hybridization.

The goal of my postdoctoral collaboration with Prof A.P. Sampath has been to establish how the modulation ofsignaling in the primary rod pathway is achieved for optimal signal detection. I have identified and characterized novel mechanisms that regulate phototransduction and synaptic transmission from rod photoreceptors in darkness and in background light.   Recently, I have worked on a mouse model for retinal degeneration, studying the functional recovery of the retinal circuitry following rod photoreceptor rescue. I have gained expertise in single cell patch-clamp recordings, suction electrode recordings, immunohistochemistry, confocal microscopy, western blotting and genotyping.

Retinal Neurobiology Research


A post-doctoral fellow and a postbac student position to investigate photoreceptor physiology and molecular mechanisms underlying signaling in the retinal circuitry are currently available:

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